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Mother Guide Consultation

Life with a new baby isn’t always what you’d hoped it would be. Those first days and weeks after baby arrives can leave you wondering if anything will be “normal” again. You may be recovering from surgery, struggling with breastfeeding, waiting for the deep bond between mother and baby to grow, or trying to find a new path as a family. With the new challenges of this season, it can be difficult to find the information that bests suits your situation.

A postpartum consultation will equip you with resources to understand your changing circumstances and to chart a path where you create the family life that you want and need.

Still pregnant?

Prepare for your 4th Trimester

Yes, postpartum is hard.

But by not preparing for it, we -as a society- are making a lot harder than it should be.
A consultation will help you plan and be prepared for what life would be after baby arrives. 

Because giving birth is just the beginning…

(Online) Private Consultation​ covers:

What is really going on in the first six weeks?

Recovery, healing, and transformation.

Five essential elements to include

Maximizing sleep, healing, and rejuvenation

Personalized Care plan

Tailored to your needs and situation

Let's create a postpartum plan that prioritizes healing, bonding with your baby, and gentle transformation.