In-home & Remote Postpartum Support

A Doula Mothers the Mother...

Bringing a baby home is one of the happiest—and hardest—things we do. You just gave birth and yeah, that isn’t easy. You’re trying to work out how to keep a tiny human alive and all the new ways your body is working. Everyone’s telling you different things and OH GOD you just need some sleep.

That shift into motherhood is one of the biggest transitions of your life, and you need support. Not just the practical stuff (although that does help) but the reassurance that you’ve got this (because you do).

Support when you need it most...

We get it. We’ve been there. And that’s why we’re happy to help out. We will be there to offer you compassionate, non-judgmental support (practical, informational and emotional), based on current best practice. We’re going to be by your side while you make this major move into a new world of parenthood (whether it’s your first or your fourth, the journey is going to be new to you).

Let us support you and help things run smoothly while you focus on what matters: bonding with your baby and easing your way into this trip called motherhood.

We love supporting families postnatal. Being welcomed into a family's journey and guiding them as they navigate the shifting sands of the 'fourth trimester' is truly both a joy and a privilege.

In-home Postpartum Support

The nature of this work varies from family to family, it's personal and unique because each family's situation is different. But what could have happened on a visit? We can include any of the following services:

Physical & Emotional Support

Mothering the mother after birth, postpartum massage, postpartum nutrition, belly binding, a nonjudgemental listening ear.

Breastfeeding Support

Support in the early days of breastfeeding with positioning, perfecting the latch and help troubleshooting problems.

Sibling & Family Support

Help older siblings adjust and bond with the new baby so that they feel included, useful, and welcome the change in the family dynamic.

Routine Planning

Helping to find the balance in the early days of parenting and steps to help you and your little one fall into a gently routine.

Infant Care

Information and evidence-based care in soothing techniques, infant sleep/ safety, bathing, baby massage... and more!


Managing schedules, helpful tips, and tricks in handling multiples, organizational help, and an extra hand to help Mama get some extra rest.

Alongside face-to-face visits, you’ll receive our specialized postpartum care package, and an access to an exclusive postnatal yoga videos!

Remote (Virtual) Postpartum Support

We will work together in the online space to help you plan for and create a postpartum experience that is special and meaningful to you and your family.