Hello, I am Vessy…


Vesela Genadieva

Postpartum Doula & Belly Binder
Founder, Positive Postpartum
Founder, Mamma Box Ltd. 
Mom of Two

Hi, I’m Vessy! I am a wife and a mama to two beautiful little boys. Motherhood has completely changed my life and I absolutely love it (most of the time ;))!

I created The Positive Postpartum to provide mamas with a nurturing, safe environment to talk with other mamas about their fears and struggles and to learn and share with each other evidence-based information.

I hope The Positive Postpartum inspires you to be confident in your parenting choices, to trust your intuition and to find the way to parent that best suits you and your baby’s needs.

Welcome to your Positive Postpartum!

trainings & expertise
I studied and I was trained in different training programs

I am a  postpartum doula and I am a certified postpartum professional with Newborn Mothers Collective Postpartum Training.

Currently I am furthering my education through DONA International Postpartum Doula Program, and also I am a Dona International Member.

I follow a Code of Ethics and a Standard of practice, asserted by DONA International and The Bulgarian Doula Association.

A gentle sleep program for babies and Newborn Mothers – in training

Support parents after miscarriage, stillbirth and newborn death.

  • Screening for Perinatal Emotional Distress Training by Seleni Institute
  • COPE Basic Skills in Perinatal Mental Health

Holistic Postpartum care and support for New Mothers

Belly Binding by Learn to Belly Bind – in training 

Baby Massage techniques 

In-home Support

Giving birth and caring for a newborn is some of the hardest work a woman will do. We know mothers shine brighter when we receive the same nurturing as our newborns.


A postpartum consultation will equip you with resources to understand your changing circumstances and to chart a path where you create the family life that you want and need.

Belly Binding

The practice involves using special knots to tie a long strip of cloth around the abdomen - sometimes after applying an herbal paste or essential oils during the postpartum recovery period to support a woman's uterus and other organs after childbirth.


Learn essential practical skills and prepare yourself for the arrival of your baby. The forth trimester can be challenging! Are you ready to take next step and prepare for your Positive Postpartum?